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Democratic lawsuit – SB3 is the law for the mid-terms!

After over a year, Judge Brown ruled on a preliminary injunction preventing SB3 from taking effect before the mid-term elections, confirming the plaintiff’s argument that the new law places “a burden on the right to vote and disenfranchises low-income and minority populations” and many college students.  Moreover, Judge Brown wrote “voter fraud is not widespread, or even remotely commonplace” in New Hampshire and the following:

“Most importantly, the SB3 law does nothing to actually prevent voter fraud …. instead of combating fraud, the law simply imposes additional burdens on legitimate voters.

The state immediately challenged the ruling to the NH Supreme Court, which unanimously agreed with the state having made the decision that Judge Brown’s ruling will create confusion and disruption on election day.

The full case is still working its way through the courts. 

A summarized history and overview of the case is below.

On June 8, 2017, the Republican-sponsored New Hampshire Senate Bill 3, which may complicate same-day voter registration for New Hampshire college students, …… passed in the state Senate 14-9. It was signed into law in July.  The bill changes what domicile means in the context of voting and stipulates that proof of residence is required for same-day voters, including a written statement that verifies voters’ home addresses. It also authorizes government agents to visit a voter’s home to make sure that it is the voter’s primary residence.  A domicile exception is typically extended to college students.  SB3 is designed to tighten this up by requiring that college students provide letters, or other paperwork, proving their domiciliaries when they register to vote.

The NH Democratic party, the League of Women Voters and three individual voters are suing the state over this law, under a single lawsuit, which they believe will keep people who are legally entitled to vote from voting.

In September, Hillsborough County Judge Charles Temple placed a temporary restraining order on the state to keep officials from imposing any of the criminal penalties part of the law.  “The average voter seeking to register for the first time very well may decide that casting a vote is not worth a possible, $5,000 fine, a year in jail, or throwing himself/herself at the mercy of the prosecutor’s discretion.  To the Court, these provisions of SB3 act as a very serious detriment on the right to vote, and if there is a “compelling” need for them, the Court has yet to see it.” Temple wrote.

In spite of this lawsuit, on Jan 3, the Senate passed HB372, which further tightens eligibility requirements for voters.

The state of NH has refused to comply with a request for a voter database, which the plaintiffs believe will prove that there is no issue to address. The state claimed that the information is not relevant to the case at hand and it contains privileged information that cannot be released.

In April, Judge Temple rejected these arguments  and compelled the state to hand over the electronic voter database as well as make available communications about the law as it is being legislated.  In addition, a protective order must be crafted to keep sensitive information private.

Three Republican legislators involved in crafting SB3 – Kathleen Hoelzel, Barbara Griffin & Regina Birdsell – filed motions to squash subpoenas seeking information that they had proving or disproving instances of voter fraud before last year’s vote.  In July, Judge Brown ruled in their favor.    However, the Judge granted the prosecution to right to depose attorneys Bud Fitch and Matthew Broadhead.

The parties are having difficulty agreed upon the content of the protective order.  Asst Attorney General Anne Edwards wants the court to support keeping dates of birth, dates of naturalization and places of birth out of the public record when the database is handed over to the plaintiffs.  The plaintiffs filed a motion in response.

A hearing on the protective order was held on May 8.  At that hearing, Judge Temple suggested that he recuse himself as the judge in this case going forward due to a close friendship with Attorney Byron Gould, who was recently hired by the state Attorney General’s office.  The litigants suggested instead that Attorney Gould be barred from the case.

In June, Judge Temple did recuse himself.  Judge Brown has taken over the case, which has moved to Manchester.  One of his first rulings will be to consider the state’s request that he prevent three college professors from testifying on behalf of the plaintiffs.  Their testimony will cover:

  • The “understandability” of the law
  • Its impact on lines
  • Frequency of voter fraud

The state now asserts that the issue is not voter fraud, but rather the opportunity for voter fraud.

With the move to Manchester, the trial, scheduled to begin on August 20, 2018, is being rescheduled.

In the meantime, in July, the Governor signed HB1264 into law after the NH Supreme Court ruled on its constitutionality.  Heretofore, out-of-state students attending institutions such as Dartmouth College or UNH must have a NH driver’s license or NH non-drivers ID to vote in NH.

And the saga continues …..

Is voter fraud really an issue in NH?  The Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program is aimed at preventing voter fraud by identifying duplicate voter registration records among those voluntarily provided by states.  Though there are some concerns over security and results, 28 states participated after the 2016 general election.  Out of 94, 610 voters, approximately 140 records were required further investigation – 51 of which were sent to the Attorney General’s office.

Per the NH Grassroots Newsletter of Jan 2:

“Why this matters: On November 28th, an amendment to HB 372, authored by Republican Senators Regina Birdsell and Jim Gray, passed the Senate Election Law Committee on a 3-2 party-line vote. The bill would redefine “domicile” status for voting purposes, effectively forcing registrants to declare residency upon registering to vote, chilling the right to vote for college students in New Hampshire. By forcing students to declare residency, this bill would act as a de facto poll tax, moving the goal posts on students who are legally allowed to vote in New Hampshire.”


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NH Grassroots Newsletter

Dear Friend,

Today we’re entering into the 24th day of the government shutdown. This frustrating and devastating shutdown has kept 800,000 out of a paycheck and millions from receiving the services they deserve from the government. It’s also proven that Trump and the Republicans are far more concerned with partisan victories than by actually helping their constituents.

Our delegation has been hard at work trying to reopen the government and mitigating the effects of the government shutdown on all Granite Staters and Americans.

But someone who’s been notably silent on this shutdown? Governor Chris Sununu.

Sununu seems to love talking up his close relationship with the White House, but whenever there’s a moment for him to stand up and demand Trump act in the best interests of all of us, he shies away.

That’s simply not ok. Call Governor Sununu today at 603-271-2121 to demand he call on the White House to reopen the government today! Let’s also make sure to show our support for our delegation who, as always, are fighting for our best interests.

Please continue to use this regular newsletter as a tool for your local committee meetings or as a supplement to your own regular newsletter.  

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.


Slate Goodwin                                                        Sarah Guggenheimer
Outreach Director                                          Deputy Communications Director                                     

Emma Tyler                                                            Ben Ernst
Deputy Executive Director                                      Political Director                                           

Contact Your Regional Staff!

All members of town and county committees with specific issues should reach out to their regional point of contact.

Emma Tyler is the NHDP’s new Deputy Executive Director after serving as Organizing Director for the Coordinated Campaign. She will also be the point of contact for Belknap and Carroll Counties and can be reached at

Erin Turmelle, following her incredibly successful run as Coordinated Campaign Director in New Hampshire, will be the point of contact for Hillsborough County and the cities of Manchester and Nashua and can be reached at

Slate Goodwin is now the Party’s Outreach Director after serving as a Regional Organizing Director during the Coordinated Campaign and will be the point of contact for Coos, Grafton, and Merrimack Counties and can be reached at

Ben Ernst is the former State Senate Campaigns Director and is the NHDP’s new Political Director. He will be the point of contact for Cheshire, Rockingham, Strafford, and Sullivan Counties and can be reached at

McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Dinner

Buy your ticket today to hear from our special guest Senator Elizabeth Warren and to join hundreds of other Democratic activists and elected officials at this incredible event!
60th Annual McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Dinner
Who: Senator Elizabeth Warren
Where: Doubletree by Hilton Manchester Downtown
700 Elm St, Manchester NH
When: Friday, February 22nd
Buy your ticket HERE!

Run to be an NHDP Officer!

Time is running out to file to be an officer of the NHDP for 2019-2021!

Up until January 15, 2019 at 5PM, New Hampshire Democrats can file to run for State Chair, First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and 6 NHDP Rules Committee positions.

To run for this position, please deliver a dated statement with which office you wish to run for with your complete contact information to Amy Kennedy via email, letter, or in person. Emails should be sent to and letters should be addressed to Amy Kennedy, Executive Director, NH Democratic Party, 105 North State Street, Concord, NH 03301. Letters and emails MUST be received by the date above.

Elections will take place at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics in Manchester NH on Sunday, March 9th at 10AM.

Click HERE for more information.

Priority Hearings

Minor Primary Voting

Tuesday, January 15th / Election Law Committee / Room 308, Legislative Office Building

HOUSE – Election Law – CACR 5, allowing 17 year olds to vote in a primary election if they will be 18 by the corresponding general election

Why this matters: Currently, 21 states allow 17 year olds to vote if they will be 18 by the general election. Our democracy only works when people participate and wherever possible we should encourage young eligible voters to get involved. 17 year olds should be allowed to have a say in which candidates they will be supporting in the general election.

Withdrawal from the Voter Crosscheck Program

Tuesday, January 15th, 11AM / Election Law Committee / Room 308, Legislative Office Building

HOUSE – Election Law – HB 315ending New Hampshire’s participation in the Crosscheck program

Why this matters: This legislation intends to end New Hampshire’s involvement in the Crosscheck Program, founded by voter fraud conspiracy theorist, former Kansas Secretary of State, and failed Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach. This program’s purpose is to identify individuals registered in two different states, but in reality the program has a 99% false positive rate.

Annulling Marijuana Convictions

Tuesday, January 15th, 2:30PM / Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee / Room 204, Legislative Office Building

HOUSE – Criminal Justice and Public Safety – HB 399-FNrelative to annulment of arrests or convictions for possession of 3/4 of an ounce of marijuana, or less

Why this matters: Two years ago, New Hampshire decriminalized possession of a 3/4 ounce or less of marijuana. This legislation seeks to expunge the records of those previously arrested or convicted for this now-decriminalized act. This is a common-sense step to ensure those who’ve been previously affected by this law, no longer have to be penalized for it.

Establishing a FITN Commission

Thursday, January 17th, 1:30PM / Election Law Committee / Room 308, Legislative Office Building

HOUSE – Election Law – HB 452, establishing a commission on the First in the Nation Presidential Primary

Why this matters: New Hampshire’s status as the First in the Nation Presidential Primary state is incredibly important. This bill would establish a commission that would work to ensure New Hampshire maintains this status as the FITN state for years to come.

Action Alert

35th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Breakfast – Hollis

On MLK Day on Monday, January 21st, celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King with keynote speaker, Rev. Eric Jackson and Youth Speaker, Jamila- Ashanti Scales.

The breakfast is at Alpine Gove Banquet Facility in Hollis, from 8:30AM-11:30AM. Tickets are $35 for adults and $20 for children and students. Children four and under can enter for free. Tickets at the door are $40.

Please RSVP by email to and or by phone at (603) 943-5721.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Community Celebration – Manchester

On MLK Day on Monday, January 21st, the NH Martin Luther King Coalition is sponsoring this annual event at the Temple Adath Yeshurun in Manchester to celebrate the continuation of Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy.

The event starts at 2PM with a social hour, followed by a 2 hour celebration and awards ceremony beginning at 3PM. More details will be provided closer to the event.


Town Meeting Day

Town meeting day is just a few short months away! At the beginning of each year Granite Staters vote on important local elected officials such as Selectman, Supervisors of the Checklist, Moderators, etc. These non partisan elections don’t get the attention that they deserve, and many positions go unopposed. If Democrats are not recruited to run for these positions, they cannot win! It us up to us to make sure we are recruiting Democrats to run for each and every position. In 2018 we elected over 600 Democrats to these critical offices. Let’s keep it going!​

April Town Meeting – 4/9/19

Filing Period: February 20 – March 1, 2019

  • Merrimack

November Municipal Elections – 11/5/19

Filing Period: Varies by City

  • Manchester – July 8 – July 19, 2019
  • Nashua

If you are interested in filing for office or have any questions about Town Meeting Day please reach out to our Political Department at

Here’s to even more Democratic victories in 2019, 2020 and beyond!

Host Your Own State of the Union Watch Party

President Trump’s State of the Union will take place on Tuesday, January 29th at 9PM. And while his speech will definitely be filled with frustrating lies and his radical agenda, we hope you’ll join us by having some fun with it…

NHDP staff have compiled a State of the Union Watch Party in a Box to help Democratic committees and activists hold their own events! We have sample invitations, agendas, Trump bingo cards, and other planned activities to help make the event fun and memorable.

If you’re interested in getting these supplies, email and we’ll set you up with everything you need!

Upcoming FITN Visits

As the First in the Nation Primary season officially heats up, please use this section to learn about when candidates will be visiting the state!

January 16th – Julian Castro
Politics and Eggs
New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Manchester NH

January 18th – John Delaney
NHYD Meet and Greet
To Share Brewery, Manchester NH

January 19th – John Delaney
Meet and Greet
Black Forest Cafe, Amherst NH

February 12th – John Delaney
Politics and Eggs
Bedford Village Inn, Bedford NH

Please note: This is a list of public events that candidates have made us aware of. The New Hampshire Democratic Party does its best to track all candidate and potential candidate visits to the state, however, if you are aware of a pending trip not listed or have more details on an event, please reach out to the office at to let us know!

This communication does not imply an endorsement or favoritism of any kind to any Democratic candidates actively engaged in competitive primary contests.

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