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Mohawk Tannery EPA Cleanup Status

June 2019 – In the recent Ward 4 Town Hall, this issue got a lot of attention. The EPA continues to work with the local developer, Bernie Plante, on this remediation project. Mr. Plante currently has the work out for bid. At this time, it is not exactly clear how Mr. Plante will use the land once remediated. Funding would come from Mr. Plante, the EPA and the City of Nashua.

While this is not a Democratic issue, it is a city issue that impacts everyone.

The Mohawk Tannery on Fairmont St in Nashua operated until 1984, tanning hides for leather.  It is an EPA Superfund cleanup site contaminated by barium, arsenic and carcinogenic dioxin.

A local developer is interested in converting these 40 acres into multifunctional housing and commercial uses along the parkway.

The community concern has been around how the cleanup is being proposed.  The EPA and the developer are proposing that the contaminated lagoons be capped.  Many in the community believe that removing the contaminated soil is a far better option, but is also much more expensive.

No decisions have been made.  If you would like to know more, use the link below.

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Democrats making a difference!

HB = House Bill / SB = Senate Bill

APRIL 2019

HB-455 – The NH Senate passed this bill repealing the death penalty by a 17-6 vote. The last NH execution took place in 1939. One individual is on death row today.

HBxxx – The House passed a bill 200-163 to legalize recreational marijuana. It would be taxed at 5% wholesale, 9% retail, producing in excess over $30,000,000 annually.

HBxxx – The House passed a bill to limit carrying guns on school property by a vote of 213-159. The only exclusions are law enforcement, members of the military and those authorized by the local school board. It applies to school buildings, buses and grounds.

MARCH 2019

SBxxx – Casino gambling again passed the NH Senate by a very close 13-11 vote. It would support two casinos generating over #100,000,000 in tax revenues per year.

HB xxx – These House bills will prohibit restaurants from providing plastic straws to customers unless specifically asked and will prohibit stores larger than 1000 sq ft to provide plastic carryout bags to customers. This plastic has proven to be harmful to wildlife. A whale beached and died recently off Sardinia with 48 lbs of plastic bags in its system.

HB xxx – This House bill requires a 7-day waiting period for gun purchases. It passed the House 199-147.

HB 397 – This bill would allow 15,000 undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license without a social security card. 23 of 27 Nashua House members for this bill which passed the House 204-137. The following did not vote – David Cote (Ward 4), Dan Toomey (Ward 5), Ken Gidge and Fran Nutter-Upham (Ward 6).

HB 186 Increasing the minimum wage. 23 of 27 Nashua House members voted for this bill which passed the House 210-145. Ken Gidge (Ward 6), Latha Mangipudi (Ward 8) and Mike O’Brien Sr (Ward 9) did not vote. It would increase our minimum hourly wage from $7.25 to $9.50 (Jan 1, 2020) to $10.75 (Jan 1, 2021) to $12 hour (Jan 1, 2022).

SB 185 – Establishment of a rail trail advisory committee. This bill passed by the Senate will fund a rail study for $200K. About 300 miles of rail trails exist for hikers / bikers etc. throughout the state today. DoT officials would:

Update the state’s rail trail plan
Provide an economic analysis on the value of rail trails
Compile / maintain a list of trail organizations throughout the state


HB 481 – Marijuana legalization. 22 of 27 Nashua House members voted for this bill which passed the House 209-147. Linda Harriott-Gathright (Ward 9), Paul R. Bergeron (Ward 2) and Latha Mangipudi (Ward 8) voted no. Ken Gidge (Ward 6) and David Cote (Ward 4) did not vote. This bill would legalize possession of up to 1 oz. Adults could grow up to 6 plants. A commission would be established to license and regulate this industry which could produce as much as $33,000,000 year


  • In their first week in control of the NH Legislature, Democrats voted to ban guns in the NH House, including the anteroom and public gallery.
  • Alderwoman and State Representative Trish Klee has been working with Pennichuck Water Works to address “brown water” issues at the Clovelly Apartments.
  • The House Election Law Committee held public hearings on several constitutional amendments:
    • Allowing 17 year olds to vote in primaries who will turn 18 by the general election.
    • Absentee ballots would be available to all voters, nut just those with special circumstances.
    • Allowing caregivers to deliver absentee ballots on behalf of voters who live in nursing homes or assisted-living facilities
    • Allowing anyone over age 60 to vote up to five weeks before an election
  • Senator Cindy Rosenwald introduced a mental illness bill that will increase reimbursement rates and substance use disorder treatment.
  • Senator Melanie Levesque introduced the SMART Act (Secure Modern Accurate Registration Technology), safeguarding NH elections through the implementation of secure and modern voter registration. Among other things, it would automatically register voters who deal with other agencies, like the DMV. Officials would manually check the registrations before adding these voters to the rolls.

On Jan 31, Senate Democrats passed three bills addressing the funding gaps in job training programs and mental health services.

SB 2 – Increases funding for job training programs in New Hampshire

SB 5– Expands access to mental health and substance misuse treatment

SB 11 – Addresses the state’s mental health Emergency Room boarding crisis by increasing both reimbursement rates for hospitals and the number of beds available for patients.F

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Congratulations Gloria Timmons!

On Dec 20, BOE member Gloria Timmons received a commendation from the Governor for her commitment to improve the quality of life for people in NH through her work in family, school and community.

The NH Black Women’s Health Project also acknowledged Ms. Timmon’s efforts.