State Representative Candidate – Nashua Ward 3 / District 6

I am running as a first-time candidate for State Representative.  I feel I can no longer sit on the side lines while bills are being passed into laws that limit our rights, seek to marginalize groups of people, and decimate our public education system.

Nashua is a wonderful place to live.  People are caring and involved.  And after all the traveling my husband and I have had to do for work, this place is home.  I don’t want to see it become prey to special interest groups and agendas not in keeping with our “live free” ideals.

I believe that good government is the result of hard work done by legislators who take time to find out what people need then investigate the most practical way to provide solutions.  This requires the ability to listen, research and problem-solve, things I have done my whole career. Only together can we strengthen our communities and our economy.

As a first-time candidate, I have done my homework to understand the background and current state of the key priorities I would work on as a legislator.

My Priorities

(Details for these priorities can be found at

  • Support for Science-based Public Education and Fair School Funding
  • Support for Women’s Health Care including rights to an abortion
  • Support for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Support for Alternative Energy to reduce dependance on fossil fuels
  • Support measure to reduce Gun Violence
  • Support legislation to make Voting more accessible
  • Support measures to reverse the state tactics for overburdening our communities with Taxes
  • Support better access to health care especially for the elderly and those requiring mental health services

Career Background

  • Degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Systems Engineering.
  • 53 Years (including 23 years at BAE Systems, Nashua) as an engineering manager working on projects from Apollo to the F-35 across many technologies.
  • Continue to travel the world photographing endangered large animals.  Along the way, learning how children of other countries view climate change and their efforts to reduce its impact.


  • Born in NY with 3 brothers and one sister.
  • Father was a shop teacher (no college degree then); mother was a homemaker. Recognizing the importance of education, all 5 kids have completed graduate school.
  • Nashua Ward 3 resident for 25 years.
  • Married to Danny Mills 34 years.
  • I can be reached at: