Mohawk Tannery EPA Cleanup Status

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Mohawk Tannery EPA Cleanup Status

June 2019 – In the recent Ward 4 Town Hall, this issue got a lot of attention. The EPA continues to work with the local developer, Bernie Plante, on this remediation project. Mr. Plante currently has the work out for bid. At this time, it is not exactly clear how Mr. Plante will use the land once remediated. Funding would come from Mr. Plante, the EPA and the City of Nashua.

While this is not a Democratic issue, it is a city issue that impacts everyone.

The Mohawk Tannery on Fairmont St in Nashua operated until 1984, tanning hides for leather.  It is an EPA Superfund cleanup site contaminated by barium, arsenic and carcinogenic dioxin.

A local developer is interested in converting these 40 acres into multifunctional housing and commercial uses along the parkway.

The community concern has been around how the cleanup is being proposed.  The EPA and the developer are proposing that the contaminated lagoons be capped.  Many in the community believe that removing the contaminated soil is a far better option, but is also much more expensive.

No decisions have been made.  If you would like to know more, use the link below.

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