NDCC Chairman’s Message

Notes from the Chair

January, 2018

By Representative Skip Cleaver,

Chair, Nashua Democratic City Committee

Very best wishes to all as we enter 2018–a critical year politically, socially, and morally.  We begin this new year with optimism and resolve to show the world that New Hampshire and the United States of America are already great, have been and remain great, and are, as always and from the beginning, dedicated to constant improvement–state and nation–as a welcoming home for all people–yes, ALL people.On this day, as we remember and appreciate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we are inspired by his leadership and his legacy in seeking justice and equality for all.  We are inspired to help bend that long arc of which he spoke toward justice and equality.  We must be dedicated and determined participants, however; not simply observers.  And in that spirit we must not be discouraged and downhearted.  We have, my friends, important work to do to help fulfil the real promise of America–right here in our own wards and neighborhoods.

We will not focus on the negative and complain of the disgraceful “leadership” emanating from Washington D.C. or Concord, New Hampshire over the past year.  We will only reference the disgusting and embarrassing words and actions as an unparalleled opportunity to make things right, to make things better.  The important viewpoint now is what we are for, not what we are against.

We must focus positively on the needs of our state, our country and our people.  The need for change is obvious, and we should not get hung up on the embarrassment of the present administration.  Change is what we need; change is what we seek, change is what we shall work to achieve throughout the 2018 election cycle–and on to 2020.  We all have a part to play, and the work begins NOW!

Here, in the city of Nashua, we must help Annie Kuster win another term, for if she does not, there will be no chance we can win a majority in the U.S. Congress.  We must win all 27 State Representative seats; for if we do not there is little chance we can win the majority in the State House.  We must build up the Democratic and Independent vote to near maximum in all nine Nashua wards, because then and only then can we win both State Senate seats and the Executive Council seat. We absolutely MUST turn out the vote!  As Nashua goes, so goes New Hampshire!

It will be hard work.  Off-year elections are notorious for low turnout, and, potentially, that’s especially true this year with no presidential, U.S senatorial, gubernatorial, or mayoral candidates on the ballot.  However, I hope you are as energized as I am by the opportunity before us:  Change!  Not simply for the sake of change in leadership–sorely needed, of course.  But change to reverse the perversion of government as a tool of oligarchy to the detriment of most of our people; we must repeal disastrous laws and regulations that are now in play or in planning.  We must minimize the damage to our social fabric, our government, our businesses, and our environment.

As amazing as it sounds, a return to honesty and truthfulness will be refreshing and quite helpful.  We are hopeful that lies again become the rare exception, not the norm.

Please plan to get involved–and involved in a big way.  Run for office, volunteer to make calls, knock doors, hold signs.  Talk to relatives, friends and neighbors and get them involved too.  And donate if you can!  Please DEM–that is, donate every month–right here on our website. It’s easy and painless that way.  Let’s create a powerful and irrepressible, irresistible BLUE wave!

I look forward to working with all of you to make 2018 a year of significant change.  In the coming months we can move our state and country along that lengthy but inevitable arc.  Americans are mostly empathetic and good citizens of the world.  We can rekindle and show our dedication, resilience and compassion if we all get involved and push steadfastly toward justice for all.  Elections have consequences!  Let’s make 2018 consequential in the most positive way possible.

Thanks very much,

Representative Skip Cleaver

Chair, Nashua Democratic City Committee