NDCC Meeting Minutes

Nashua Democratic City Committee (NDCC) Minutes

Monday, June 11, 2018

7:00 p.m. -8:40 p.m.

Nashua Public Library – NPL Theater

 Our June meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m. by Chairman Cleaver.  Skip had prepared Introductory Remarks that he read, that stressed the importance of the upcoming 2018 election campaign.

Our Nashua Dems had a really successful State Representative ‘group filing’ at City Hall – and we have candidates running in every Ward — in fact, there are 29 candidates for Nashua’s 27 positions!   Two Wards will have Primaries, and we are optimistic that we can get ALL of our Democratic candidates elected.   Cindy Rosenwald is running for Bette Lasky’s State Senator seat, Deb Pignatelli is looking to go back on the Executive Council, and Annie Kuster is looking to be back in DC as our District 2 Congresswoman!

Skip’s proposed agenda referred again to the revision of our By-Laws, and adoption of an NDCC Platform.   (Note: since this meeting it was thought best to delay By-Laws for a while longer, and to get through the coordinated office opening, and the NH Primary and Election processes.)

The State Democratic Convention is scheduled to take place June 23 in Stratham, NH.   Elected NDCC officials and our Ward Officers are eligible to attend the convention as delegates.   The State Party Platform will be voted on at the Convention, and Skip’s thought is that our NDCC Platform can be finalized sometime after that.

Everyone was urged to get involved in the upcoming election, and there will be plenty of volunteer opportunities!

Dates coming up:

Wednesday, June 13th – Cindy Rosenwald having a fundraising event at her house; a cookout is scheduled at Shoshanna Kelly’s house on Friday, June  15th, where Steve Marchand will be in attendance.    Bette Lasky is hosting a fundraiser event and chance to meet Gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly on June 21st, and on July 8th, Stephanie and Mike Ballentine  (9 Bartlett Ave.) are hosting an event for Steve Marchand.

This coming Saturday (June 16th) Senator John Delaney will be in town, at Ja Ja Bell’s  – 10 a.m.;   and on June 29th, Melanie Levesque is having a fundraiser at the Lawrence Barn in Hollis.   July 7th, is our NDCC summer cookout, which will be held at Latha’s house.

Our NDCC plans are to have Manny Espitia guiding our NDCC campaign – and we’ll be working on opening up a combined campaign office here in Nashua, very soon.  This was all briefly discussed at the Executive Meeting held prior to this meeting – and another Executive Board Meeting is scheduled.

Funding for all this (coordinated campaign office and candidate support) was brought up, and Skip again spoke about the benefit of using Act Blue to ‘donate ever month’.

Skip spoke a little bit about the Fall Gala, and the date for the event needs to be worked out.   Joanne mentioned how important it is (when deciding on events and selecting dates) to be sure and check calendars, especially with the NHDP.

The State Convention in Stratham, is scheduled next week (the 23rd) and candidate training takes place after that – 1-4 p.m.     Training also will take place on June 24th in Concord, at the NH Technical Institute.

Other possible coordinated campaign office locations were brought up, along with the need for committee’s to be set up for the Fall Gala, and a LTE group (see Mike Pedersen, Communications Chair).

Hannah Chism is going to be our Nashua Organizer for Field Operations – and her focus will be on the ‘down-ticket’ races.     Skip is getting a gubernatorial forum organized, the last week in July – and details will be sent out.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:35 p.m., after a motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved, to do so.


Submitted by:

Sue Newman, Secretary


Nashua Democratic City Committee (NDCC) Minutes

Monday, May 7, 2018

7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Nashua Public Library – NPL Theater


NOTE:  Our NDCC Monthly meetings are scheduled to be held the first Monday of each month – with no meetings scheduled in July or December.  * The June meeting, however, will be on June 11, (2nd Monday in June) because a Reception for Congresswoman Annie Kuster, is being held on June 4th.    The Reception will be at the home of Bill Barry and Helen Honorow, 46 Raymond St.,  5:30 – 7pm.  Contact Cayla Eck (603) 903-9153 or cayla@kusterforcongress.com, for details.

***                                   ***                                         ***                                         ***

Chairman Skip Cleaver was still recovering from his recent surgery, so Vice Chairman, Mike Pedersen called our meeting to order at 7:12 p.m.

Mike introduced Erin Turmelle from NHDP, and she introduced Emma Tyler, Will Desato, and Tova (Annie Kuster’s campaign manager).

Dan Vallone, with NHDP Veterans and Military Families Caucus, our featured speaker, was introduced.     Dan grew up in Epping, NH, attended West Point, served in Afghanistan, and was part of the Obama Administration for a year and a half.   Dan got out of the Military in 2013, is with the NH Veterans and Military Families Caucus, and works with city and town Democratic committees, to emphasize Veterans’ issues.

He spoke about the challenges that caregivers of Vets have, that the largest number of our veteran population coming along will be those who served in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, and that women vets make up a large part of our veteran population.   Dan pointed out that the number of our nationally elected Representatives who have actually served in the United States armed forces, is low.    Dan and the Veterans and Military Families Caucus want to be a resource for Veterans and promote policy initiatives that support veteran’s issues.  The Caucus helps veterans transition to civilian life through Facebook and veterans networks, monthly meetings, and email newsletters.   Check out NHDP Veterans and Families:     @NHDPVeterans.  Dan can be contacted at DanVallone@gmail.com, for any questions, advice, or ideas you might have.

Cindy had an update on House candidate recruitment.  There is considerable emphasis on both Nashua and Manchester to have BIG Democratic wins.     Cindy is hosting a Committee to Elect House Dems event at her house on Saturday the 12th,   3:30 p.m., where Julian Castro will be a featured guest.

As you have read, OUR State Senator, Bette Lasky is retiring.    THANK YOU, BETTE, for ALL the time you have devoted to serving Nashua, both locally and at the State House!


There was an update on the June 1st True Blue Dinner – attendance numbers are needed by May 13th (Mike, Deidre and Sue will be working on that), and phone calls need to be made ASAP, to try and boost attendance at this fundraising event.  Sue gave information about the handmade pen, crafted with wood from the USS Constitution,  that will be raffled at the Dinner.      Mary Jo graciously volunteered to coordinate a True Blue Dinner phone calling team, and the other volunteers are:   Elaine Thomas, Teresa Moler, Vivian McGuire, Pam Jordan, Bill Bordy, Joyce Meyer, and Will Pisano.   THANK YOU ALL!       TBD event tickets for our high school kids  will be $30, and Regular tickets will be $60.00    Act Blue on -line payment is fine, or a check made payable to NDCC.     Checking on expected attendance is necessary, to determine whether the Fundraising Dinner event will still be able to take place.

John Lisle reminded us that NDCC will not be endorsing any candidates if there is a Primary in any of the Wards.

Office Space is being sought for Annie Kuster’s Nashua campaign hdqtrs; the space could also be used by the NDCC.

We are anticipating a ‘group sign-up ‘when filing period opens — June 6-15.

Contact Sara Guggenheimer at NHDP for any help you might need for Letters to the Editor.

May 15th – Meet and Greet with Police Chief Andrew Lavoie    6-7:30 p.m. at New Fellowship Baptist Church    — Please contact Linda Gathright for any questions: 880-4537.

May 19th at Shanghai Osaka in South Nashua – Dave Lisle will be hosting a ‘candidate announcement event’ – come and be seen and heard!   Dave also has his local TV show, and has openings on July 18th and August 15th – for any candidates interested.    Contact Dave at:    dlisle@lislefornh.com        or media@doubledveemt.com

May 24th – NPL —    NH Democratic Party Veterans and Military Families Caucus – 7-8 p.m. – Large Meeting Room

If anyone needs help with ‘cutting turf’ for ward lists, for NH House seats, get in touch with Mackenzie St.Germain at NHDP.

Our Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by:

Sue Newman, NDCC Secretary