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Dear Friend,

This Wednesday May 23rd, the State House and Senate will be casting their final votes on the bills that came from Committee of Conference.

After Wednesday, it will be up to the Governor to either sign or veto the bills that have been passed by the State Legislature. We’ll keep you updated on the Governor’s progress as he makes his way through several key bills, including the voter restriction bill HB 1264, which Sununu has still refrained from committing to veto.

In the coming months, we will shift this newsletter’s focus towards the incredibly important elections in November. We’ll continue to hold Sununu accountable for his actions, update you on volunteer efforts across the state, and let you know how you can help elect Democrats up and down the ticket!


Sue Ford                                                                   Erin Cotton
NHDP Grassroots Chair                                           Operations Director, NHDP
Fmr. House Democratic Floor Leader                       ecotton@nhdp.org

Nick Taylor                                                                 Erin Turmelle
Director, House and Senate Democrats                    Political Director, NHDP

Action Alert

 Pizza & Politics: Urge the Governor to Veto HB 1264

Last week, Governor Sununu asked the New Hampshire Supreme Court for an advisory opinion on the voter restriction bill HB 1264 and said it would be “hard not to sign” the bill if the Supreme Court said it was constitutional. With the Committee of Conference inability to move forward with HB 1264’s twin, HB 372, last week, this bill is the last attempt for Republicans to disenfranchise young eligible voters.

Join us to urge Governor Sununu veto this restrictive and undemocratic bill tomorrow!

The phone bank will take place on Tuesday5pm-7pm, at 8 Carpenter St in Manchester. Please bring your own laptop and headphones.


Filing Day Rally with Annie Kuster

Join Team Kuster at the State House on June 12th for a Filing Day Rally with Annie! Gather with fellow supporters to cheer on Annie as she files to run for a fourth term in Congress.

The event will begin at 9 am at the State House in Concord on June 12th. To RSVP click HERE.

Legislative Review

Last week, thanks to the efforts of Democratic Senator Donna Soucy, the voter restriction bill HB 372 was killed in Committee of Conference. That leaves its twin HB 1264 as the only remaining voter restriction bill with the potential to become law. Governor Sununu has said in the past that he opposed HB 1264 as written but refrained from committing to veto the legislation.

Now he has asked the New Hampshire Supreme Court for an advisory opinion before he makes up his mind, saying it’d be “hard not to sign” if the Court declares the bill Constitutional. If Sununu truly opposed the bill, there would be no real reason to get the court’s opinion. We must keep up the pressure, calling Sununu and urging him to veto this undemocratic bill.

Supporter Housing

The NHDP is gearing up for our 2018 Coordinated Campaign! We are bringing on staff and volunteers to support our Town and County committees to turn out the vote in November. We need your help finding places for them to stay. Whether it is for a week or through election day – any little bit helps. Please fill out THIS FORM if you are able to house a volunteer or staff member.


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