Our Officers

The NDCC includes the following executive board members (elected April, 2017 for a two-year term):  * = incumbent
  • Chair: Representative Skip Cleaver
  • First Vice Chair: Michael Pedersen

Michael Pedersen lives in Ward 5 and is actively engaged in promoting Democratic candidates and ideals at the local through national levels.  He has been an active participant within the NDCC since 2010.

  • Treasurer: Deidre Reynolds *
  • Secretary: Representative Sue Newman
  • At Large Delegates: Linda Harriott-Gathright, Dave Tencza, JoAnne St. John, Gary Hoffman

Dave Tencza was chair of the NDCC from 2011 to early 2017.  During his time as chair, Nashua Democrats won a majority of legislative seats from Nashua in each state election from 2012 through 2016 and contributed to the election of the Nashua first Democratic mayor in recent memory.

Dave is currently running for Alderman At Large.

Linda Harriott-Gathright served as NDCC Secretary for many years.  She is a former State Representative for Ward 9 and is currently running for Alderman.  Linda has always been involved in the community.

Served in the Criminal Justice Committee and Budget Committee for Hillsborough County

Former NH Commissioner for the Status of Women

Trustee of New Fellowship Baptist Church Nashua, NH

Treasurer of Tri-State Baptist Convention.

Background in writing contracts for third party vendors as well as writing processes and procedures for then new technology (DSL, Fiber)

Served on many boards and co-founder of several community organizations.  Linda has managed teams of 4-240 personnel.

36 years of community service as an advocate for civil rights and justice

Ward officials and additional at-large board members are identified below. “At-large” members vote on policy issues (such as spending, changes to the constitution and bylaws, etc).

Ward 1:
Chair: Atlant Schmidt
Vice Chair: Jim Mason
Treasurer: June Haskel
Secretary: Elaine Thomas
At Large: Aron Insinga
At Large: Merle Insina
At Large: Andres Caamano
Ward 2:
Chair: Gloria Timmons
Vice Chair: JoAnne St. John
Treasurer: Pam Jorden
Secretary: David Darnell
At Large: Theresa Moler
At Large: Harvey Keye
At Large: Jordan Thompson
Ward 3:
Chair: Jane Buck
Vice Chair: Dan Weeks
Treasurer: Daniel Schrock
Secretary: Sonia Prince
At Large: Vicki Donchess
At Large: Dick Dasilva
At Large: Suzanne Vail
Ward 4:
Chair: Manny Espitia
Vice Chair: Bernadette Halloran
Treasurer: Fred Davis
Secretary: Brittany Wheeler
At Large: Mary Gorman
At Large: Megan O’Leary
At Large: Kathy Belbin
Ward 5:
Chair: Jack Kelley
Vice Chair: Tessa Ali
Treasurer: Michael Pedersen
Secretary: Dan Toomey
At Large: Sharon Bosse
Ward 6:
Chair: Matt Coyman
Vice Chair: Tristan Husby
Treasurer: Faith Chamberlin
Secretary: TBD
At Large: Tanya Prather
At Large: Ken Gidge
At Large: Allison Palm
Ward 7:
Chair: Francis Arias
Vice Chair: Ray Guarino
Treasurer: Gary Hoffman
Secretary: Judy Blachek
At Large: Catherine Sofikitis
At Large: Diane Raymond
At Large: Brad Brusso
Ward 8:
Chair: John Lisle
Vice Chair: Will Bateson
Treasurer: Joe Foster
Secretary: Joanne Newbold Lisle
At Large: Patricia Cusciano
At Large: Roy Goodman
At Large: Suzana Moreira
Ward 9:
Chair: Sumathi Madhure
Vice Chair: Vivian McGuire
Treasurer: Alicia McNichols
Secretary: OPEN
At Large: Richard Schwartz
At Large: Adrian George
At Large: Jamila Scales