Once again, this event was held in the NCC gym. Since it was conducted on a Saturday, we just had to attend.

It appeared as though attendance was similar to that for Joe Biden, roughly 1,000 people. It was hard to know exactly because Pete had a much simpler configuration – a stage at the front and a small area for ADA folks. Every one else stood. I’ve got to say that we had a much better view than for the Biden event.

Mayor Pete was introduced by Alderman-At-Large Ben Clemons. To me, Pete started a bit rehearsed, but the more he got into it, the more impromptu and inspirational he became. In general, he comes across as very smart and very articulate. He covered many elements of his platform equally, not focusing on a handful like others.

His approach to questions was different than the others we’d attended. Rather than calling on people in the audience, his staff collected questions on slips of paper while folks were in line waiting for the doors to open and put them in a fishbowl to be picked at random by Alderman Clemons.

Like the others, he spoke for about 30 minutes and focused on questions for maybe another 15 minutes. After the formal event, like the others, he remained available for handshaking, selfies and the like.

We’re hoping to get a few more events in before the primary. Photos below.