Qualifications / Experience:

NH House of Representatives – Ward 9 / District 10 – Running for a 4th

President – Greater Nashua Area Branch NAACP (GNANAACP)

Served 2 terms as Alderman – Nashua Ward 9

At Large Executive Board member – Nashua Democrat City Committee (NDCC)

Co-Chair & Founding Member – Nashua Community Conversation on Race & Justice (NCCRJ)

Member of My Brother’s Keeper (MBK)

Contact Information:

Phone:  (603) 880-4537

Email:  lindahg4rep@gmail.com

Community Involvement:

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) is a community strategic action plan, to ensure all our young people can achieve their full potential.  Below are the primary goals of Nashua MBK Community Challenge:

  Entering School read to learn

  Reading at grade level by third grade

  Preventing violence and providing second chances

Co-Chair Nashua Conversation on Race & Justice (NCCRJ) our mission is to provide continuous conversation between the community and law enforcement by increasing safety, trust, and empathy.  Building positive communication in the community where everyone will be heard and taken seriously.

As an Alderman I serve on several committees in the capacity of co-chair, secretary, member, liaison and sub liaison. Attended other committee meetings when able to, i.e., Budget

Trustee – New Fellowship Baptist Church

Treasurer – Tri-State Baptist Convention (UBC of MA, RI & NH Inc).

State Involvement:

Ranking Member to Criminal Justice and Public Safety (CJ&PS)

Work to defeat a bad bill SB294, that would detain a defendant up to 72 hours requiring a decision from a judge, verse bail bonds person. Tabled!

Co-sponsor HB455, which passed eliminating the death penalty in NH

Appointed by the Deputy Speaker of the House to serve on SB384- which was a study committee to determine the best practice to regulate synthetic cannabinoids in New Hampshire. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in cannabis that can affect the brain

Former NH Commissioner for the Status of Women. Instrumental in raising funds to place markers of phenomenal women in several towns across NH. Continue to be a part of the Women Heritage Trail under the umbrella of NH Women Foundation.

Served on the budget committee for Hillsborough County Valley Street, Sheriff and Department of Corrections


Nashua resident for 43 years (37 of which are in Ward 9)
Mother of 5 – grandmother of 12, great grandmother 1
AS & BS degrees from Daniel Webster College


I am retired from Verizon after 34 ½ years, with a background in writing contracts for
third party vendors as well as process and procedures for new technology (DSL, Fiber
etc.). I have served in the capacity of steward and chief steward IBEW 2320, non-management and managed a team of 4-240 personnel.
Substitute teacher – Nashua School District

Why I’m running:

I view the state of our City and State as needing to move forward, with innovation that
will attract young people, as well as an inviting state for our children, so they will return
to NH after their continuing education is completed.  We must be a future State, with
easy access in and out for our millennials and all that work in other towns or states. 

My top priorities for the State are rail, essential services as public education, mental and
medical health, police department, firefighters, affordable housing, sustainable wages,
women choice over her body, clean air and water, and our infrastructure.

I understand the plight of teaching today.  I serve as a substitute teacher when I can
and very active in the community as an advocate for civil rights.

I am a servant of the people! 

Please donate to champion my run for Nashua Ward 9 State Representative Donate to Linda Gathright
Thank You for believing and trusting my abilities to represent Nashua in Concord NH!