Paul G. Bergeron
Hillsborough County Commissioner – District 2
2nd term

Commissioner Bergeron was re-elected to his 2nd term in the November 2018 mid-term election.    

Contact Information:
Phone:  881-9721
Residence:  28 Briand Drive

The Board of Hillsborough County Commissioners are responsible for the governing, administration and overall supervision of the department of corrections, nursing home, public assistance, human resources and departments not under the statutory control of other elected officials.  The Commissioners also have budget review over all county departments including the custody and care of all property and real estate belonging to the county.

The Board consists of three commissioners, based on county “districts”.  I am running for District 2, which includes Nashua, Hudson, Litchfield & Pelham.



  • Commissioner – Nashua Board of Public Works
  • Trustee – Nashua Public Works Pension Board
  • Realtor – 20 years experience
  • Volunteer – American Red Cross – 7 years

My position on the issues:

  • I am running for Hillsborough County Commissioner to keep New Hampshire moving forward.
  • I have worked with the Mayor and fellow Commissioners to improve our infrastructure and maintain and grow what I believe the best park system in New Hampshire.
  • I will also make fighting the opioid and addiction epidemic one of my highest priorities.  As a person in long-term recovery, I bring a very unique skill set to this crisis and will be a leader in this fight.


I am a Nashua NH native and graduate of Nashua Public Schools.  Along with my wife Lisa we have 3 wonderful children – all graduates of Nashua Public Schools. My two daughters earned Bachelor degrees and my son will be entering college this fall.

I understand the balance of building a budget with limited dollars. We need new thinking and new ideas to move new Hampshire forward.

Other Democratic leaders representing Hillborough County:

Michael Conlon – Attorney

Elizabeth Ropp – Register of Probate