NH State Representative Candidate Hillsborough 9: Nashua Ward 5
“Not a robotic politician. A normal person doing the right thing.”

Contact Information:



I grew up in Lowell, MA and moved to Nashua when my husband and I wanted to start a family.
I was raised by a single mom in an economically disadvantaged environment. I know how hard it
is to advance in life and want to make the system fair for the little guy. I worked extremely hard
to buy my first home at 22 and get through undergrad, law school, and a master’s degree in
Eventually, I became a criminal defense attorney here in Nashua and Lowell. Many of my cases
are serious felonies. A lot of people do not like my clients however, I believe that everyone
deserves the best defense possible. I fight for the underdog. Also, by running my own firm, I
know the struggle it is to run a small business. My mixture of hard work and experience gives
me a unique perspective.


BA – Spanish and History (Double Major) Suffolk University
MBA – Suffolk University
JD – Suffolk Law School

Why I’m Running:

Our system of laws and democracy itself is under attack. I want to do my part in safeguarding
our rights. I want to bring the business and law education and experience to the State House. We need to bring smart solutions to complex problems like addiction and housing.

What I Will Do:

I will advocate for policies that make the system fair. People don’t know that New Hampshire
does not have a state civil rights bill. I think that should change. I will protect voting rights. Also,
New Hampshire is currently suffering from a public defender shortage. I will help solve the
crisis. I will not be a robotic politician. I want to be a normal person doing the right thing.