Nashua Democratic City Committee

Budget Committee – Nashua North

06-21-2022 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

On Tuesday, 6/21 at Nashua North High School – 7:00 PM, the Budget Committee will be holding a public hearing on the city Budget for fiscal year 2023.

Each department including Police and Fire will go over their budget briefly and then for each department there will be an opportunity for public comment.

Last year – some of our strongest opponents were there to attack the budget. I have been to or watched every single budget review and the budget is very tight. Also, it was a great way for me to see how the budget works, and it gave me a working knowledge of each department. The Mayor has done a responsible budget that still keeps the city moving forward, quite a challenge.

We would love to see a Democratic presence at Nashua North for support. It’s a great way to get some knowledge on how the city runs.

Derek Thibeault – Alderman, Ward 8 and Secretary of the NDCC

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