Nashua Democratic City Committee

NDCC Officer Election Online Caucus

05-12-2021 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

On Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 7:00 pm, an online caucus of Nashua Democrats will be held to elect the Nashua Democratic City Committee (NDCC) Executive Board as well as the Nashua Ward 1-9 Officer positions.

The election caucus will be held online via Zoom and be conducted by representatives of the New Hampshire Democratic Party (NHDP).

Participation in the Nashua election caucus is for registered Nashua Democrats only.

Preregistration is required for the NDCC election caucus.

Please preregister before 6:00 pm to give NHDP staff ample time to confirm your status as a Nashua Democrat.

After registration, the Zoom sign-in link will be emailed to you.

Preregister for NDCC Election Online Caucus – before 6:00 pm, Wednesday, May 12th
Here is a list of the positions up for election:

NDCC Executive Board Officer Positions
Chairperson ; Vice Chairperson ; Secretary ; Treasurer ; At-Large Delegates (5)

NDCC Ward 1-9 Officer Positions
Ward 1-9 Chair
Ward 1-9 Vice-Chair (or Co-Chair)
Ward 1-9 Treasurer
Ward 1-9 Secretary
Ward 1-9 Delegate At-Large (1)
Ward 1-9 Delegate At-Large (2)
Ward 1-9 Delegate At-Large (3)

Nominations for each NDCC elected position can be made during the Election Caucus.

An active City Committee is key toward Democrats winning elections.

If Democrats do not win elections, then others who do not share our values will be making the laws and and policy decisions for us at every level of government.

Currently, the other party is in the majority and actively working to cement their values into law throughout New Hampshire state government.
It is a trying time for Democrats both in Concord and in the City of Nashua.

We need Nashua Democrats to hold office within the NDCC as well as in state and municipal governments.

Please step up if you are inclined to do so.

I ask if you are considering whether or not to run for one of these elected positions, please do.

Your participation in the upcoming NDCC elections is most welcome.