This was a very well attended meeting!

Mary Gorman (former State Representative)

Described the process of testifying in front of a committee at the statehouse to support or contest a bill. Gave advice and ran through an instructional guide she had created to make it easier.

Question and answer period followed.

Guest Speaker Steve Marchand (former Portsmouth Mayor and gubernatorial candidate)

Discussed how to ‘turn energy into action” and the importance of starting to work on 2018 election. Discussed the outcome of the election and what motivated people to vote as they did. Desire for change was reflected on the ballot.

Discussed the power of a positive messaging, and setting good examples of action and behavior. Refrain from finger pointing and negativity. Winning in 2018 can be achieved by setting good public policy at the local level. Such as:

Creating the best possible K-12 educational system, encouraging young people to stay in the state and work in the state’s expanding businesses, fighting the opiate crisis, encouraging entrepreneurship and increasing infrastructure efforts in bridges, wastewater, sewer, and internet accessibility. Other important areas to focus on: Making the universities the center of RnD, and the fact that pro-immigration, progressive and inclusive policies are also good economic policies. Discussed local elections for November; School board and Alderman-at-large, as well as redistricting in 2020.

Question and answer period followed.

General announcements:

Will be discussing revising by-laws in next month’s meeting (March 20), the Greater Nashua NAACP has been established, as well as a bipartisan roundtable discussion group to meet monthly to discuss current complex social issues.

Concluded with additional updates on upcoming bills and local events.