7:00 p.m. – 8:47 p.m.

Nashua Public Library – NPL Theater

 The meeting was called to order at 7:07, by Skip Cleaver, NDCC Chair.   Skip’s  opening remarks included the overall ‘situation’ we Democrats find ourselves in right now – specifically, that the Republicans control the NH Statehouse, the White House, Senate and Congress… and that this is NOT a time for Democrats to remain passive, or to take a wait and see attitude!   Our upcoming City election is for all positions except Mayor.   It is also non-partisan, meaning that candidates are not identified by party.  These elections historically have low voter turnout.   We definitely need to ‘resist’ the status quo, by supporting and voting for the Democrats who are running for office.    It’s  exceptionally important  that Nashua Democrats get out the vote,  make sure people  know who the Democrats on the ballot are, and vote ‘down the ballot’ for candidates the NDCC will be supporting.    Our city election will also be good practice for the upcoming 2018 Mid-Term Elections!

The May Minutes were approved, with one correction:  Page 1, Para. 5 – The last sentence was corrected to read:      The groundwork for establishing a Communications Committee was set up, with Mike Pedersen as Chair, and Will Bateson as the Committee’s Communications Director.

The Treasurer’s Report was read and approved.

Under New Business: There was continued discussion about the various positions that will be decided by our City election, a handout with all positions listed and with information about the filing procedure for Petitions.     Petitions are available at the Nashua City Clerk’s office, or online at www.nashuanh.gov – (select “city departments” then “City Clerk’s office” then “Elections”) The Petition filing period runs from August 29th through September 8, 2017;  the Drawing for Ballot position will be held on September 13, at 3 p.m. in the Aldermanic Chamber.

John Lisle gave an overview of the training, duties and time commitment that the Ward election officers (Moderator, Clerk, and Selectman) take on if elected.   Paul Bergeron spoke about the opportunities that being a Ward Selectman offers, and how it’s a great way to begin your ‘political involvement’ in the City.

NDCC Communications:  Mike Pedersen (Communications Chair) and Will (Communications Director) spoke about the changes and modifications to the NDCC social media platforms.  The purpose of our communication platforms is to increase our group’s visibility and to facilitate getting ‘our word’ out.  The rules and guidelines for on-line behavior when using these platforms were discussed, and will be enforced.  To everyone using our Nashua Democrats’ social media platforms:  good conduct with regards to postings is expected and will be monitored.

Skip reminded us all that there will be a combined campaign organized for our local election.  We are encouraged to talk to people about the Democratic candidates running for office, and how important it is that people get out and vote!   As part of Community Outreach (and more opportunities to talk to people about the upcoming election), Dave Tencza suggested helping out with the Summer Food Service Program at Southern New Hampshire Services.  (The Program’s mission is to give healthy meals to needy kids while school is out.  For more information: http://www.snhs.org/programs/health-food-nutrition/summer-food-service-program/.)   Other outreach opportunities include the Nashua Soup Kitchen, the Ash St. Neighborhood Block Party (June 24), and the annual Nashua Goes Back to School event (which will be held in August).    There are plenty of opportunities for Nashua Democrats to help out, reach out, and be visible in our community.   Other comments included making efforts to reach our young people.   Manny Espitia spoke about the Young Democrats group, and the training opportunities that are available for Young Democrats who want to become more involved.   Got a new prospective contact?  Pass the information on to Mike Pedersen or Sue Newman, and we’ll get them on our contact list!

Atlant Schmidt gave an NDCC Platform committee update:   The committee members are:    Atlant, Will, Bernadette, Sumathi, Teresa and Mike.  They have been working on developing a Platform specific to Nashua, and a draft has been circulating through their group.   The draft version will be available for the rest of us to comment on shortly.   Skip will encourage input from everyone for the final draft version.    There were comments about the ‘downshifting’ that has been happening to Nashua as a result of budgetary decisions made in Concord.   That topic will be discussed much more in the coming months.

Fundraising update:  Dave Tencza has tickets for a July 11th Silver Knights game – tickets are $6.00 each.    He also has Nashua Democrats T-shirts available for sale.  Contact Dave at: 809-9016 or at:   dave.tencza@gmail.com

Currently elected Nashua Democrats in attendance at the Meeting spoke briefly about their ongoing work and observations.  Paul Bergeron, Hillsborough County Commissioner, reminded everyone that the elected State Reps are also responsible for voting on the County budget.

Mark your calendars:  There will be NO monthly regular meeting in July.  The Next regular NDCC Monthly meeting at the Nashua Public Library will be held on August 14th.  There will be an NDCC Executive Board Meeting on July 10th, in the Chandler Wing’s Large Meeting Room at the Library.  (Executive Board Meetings are open for all to attend but voting is limited to Exec. Board Members)

There was a motion to adjourn at approximately 8:47 p.m