The NDCC is governed by an elected Executive Board, which is made up of the following 9 members:

Four Primary Officers:  Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer

Five Elected At-Large Members

The Four Elected Officers and Five At-Large E-Board Members are automatically voting members of the State Democratic Committee; and are also Delegates to the State Democratic Convention during their two-year term of office. Only members of the Executive Board can chair NDCC Committees.  All members help to recruit candidates for both Municipal and State elections; and recruit for open NDCC General and Ward positions.

Chair:  Calls and presides over meetings of both the NDCC General Membership and the Executive Board.  The Chair is automatically an ex-officio member of ALL NDCC Committees.  The Chair guides and manages the activities and direction of the Board and NDCC; and appoints committees with the approval of the Board.

Vice Chair:  Acts as Chair during absences, incapacity, or resignation of the Chair.  The Vice Chair will head various Committees as assigned.

Secretary:  Keeps minutes of both NDCC General and Executive Board meetings; announces all upcoming meetings to the membership; is the keeper of all official NDCC documents; accepts letters of resignation from the Board.

Treasurer:  Keeper of all monies for NDCC, tracks accounts and provides financial reports to the Membership as needed, but not less than once per quarter.  Provides the annual report for the State of NH—Secretary of State.  Both the Treasurer and Chair may write checks or use debit cards up to $250 (pending amendment is for up to $500); over that amount requires the signature and approval of both.

At-Large (5):  Serve on the Executive Board to provide overall management and direction.  They serve as voting members of the NHDP State Committee; and are voting delegates to the NHDP State Convention.  Recently increased from 4 due to population changes.

Ward Officers—Seven from each Ward, 63 in total

All elected Ward Officers are automatically delegates to the NHDP State Convention.  All are responsible to attend NDCC General Meetings.  All are responsible for recruiting candidates from their wards; and for Get-Out-the-Vote activities for city and state elections.  They may take on activities, both political and social, as they determine to be in their interest, and meet as they decide on a ward basis.

Ward Chairs:  Elected members of the NDCC Executive Board.  May call and preside over Ward meetings as necessary.  They may chair NDCC Committees as directed by the Board.

Vice Chair:  Act in place of the Ward Chair if she/he is absent or incapacitated; may be a proxy vote on the Executive Board in the absence of the chair, if approved by the board.

Secretary:  Ward meetings are rare, but should they occur, the secretary would take minutes and report to the NDCC Executive Board.

Treasurer: Collection and use of any monies on a ward basis are very rare; however, if necessary, it would be the responsibility of the Treasurer, who would then report the same to the Board Treasurer.

At-Large Ward Delegates:  Assigned as voting Delegates to the NHDP State Convention.  Other duties as described above under “Ward Officers”.

Current Officers

The NDCC includes the following executive board members (elected May 2021 for a two-year term):  * = incumbent

Chairman: Derek Thibeault

Vice Chairman:  Susan Elberger

Treasurer:  Manny Espitia

Secretary: Will Darby

At-Large Delegates

Linda Harriott-Gathright

Christal Lloyd

Teresa Moler

Jim Ravan

Jason Telerski

Ward Officials and additional at-large board members

“At-large” members vote on policy issues (such as spending, changes to the constitution and bylaws, etc).

Ward 1:

Chair: Andrew Vaughan

Vice Chair: Bruce Cohen

Treasurer: Morgan Reynolds *

Secretary: Meaghan Reynold

Delegate At-Large: Elaine Thomas *

Delegate At-Large: Diane Cohen *

Delegate At-Large: June Haskell

Ward 2:

Chair: Gloria Timmons *

Vice Chair: Britt Hatch

Treasurer: Renae Lias Claffey

Secretary: Sue Newman

Delegate At-Large: Ray Newman

Delegate At-Large: Julie Norris

Ward 3:

Chair: Sherry Dutzy

Vice Chair: Gary Hoffman

Treasurer: Elizabeth Lewis

Secretary: OPEN

Delegate At-Large: Stephanie Ballentine

Delegate At-Large: Mike Ballentine

Ward 4:


Vice Chair: Bernadette Halloran

Treasurer: Lori Wilshire

Secretary: Adriana Lopera

Delegate At-Large: Fred Davis

Delegate At-Large: Barry Carden

Delegate At-Large: Sandy Belknap

Ward 5:

Chair: Shoshanna Kelly

Vice Chair: OPEN

Treasurer: Dan Toomey

Secretary: Dave Kelly

Delegate At Large: OPEN

Delegate At Large: OPEN

Delegate At Large: OPEN

Ward 6:

Chair: Fran Nutter-Upham *

Vice Chair: OPEN

Treasurer: OPEN

Secretary: OPEN

Delegate At-Large: Marylee Horosewski

Delegate At-Large: Efstathia Booras

Delegate At-Large: Nicole Cockrum

Ward 7:

Chair: OPEN

Vice Chair: Raymond Guarino *

Treasurer: OPEN

Secretary: Regan Lamphier

Delegate At-Large: Melbourne Moran Jr

Delegate At-Large: Diane Raymond*

Delegate At-Large: Bradley Brusso

Ward 8:

Chair: John Lisle*

Vice Chair: Patty Casciano

Treasurer: Elliot Lasky

Secretary: Ben Telerski

Delegate At-Large: Dave Tencza

Delegate At-Large: Jason Telerski

Delegate At-Large: Steve Goldstein

Ward 9:

Chair: OPEN

Vice Chair: OPEN

Treasurer: OPEN

Secretary: OPEN

Delegate At Large: OPEN

Delegate At Large: OPEN

Delegate At Large: OPEN

NDCC members are encouraged to reach out to key officers via email as noted below:

Chair Derek Thibeault
Vice Chair Susan Elberger
Secretary Will Darby
Treasurer Manny Espitia
At Large Linda Harriet Gathright
At Large Christal Lloyd
At Large Teresa Moler
At Large Jim Ravan
At Large Jason Telerski
Ward 1 Chair Deidre Reynolds
Ward 2 Chair Gloria Timmons
Ward 3 Chair Kathleen Abel
Ward 4 Chair Yoely Santana
Ward 5 Chair Shoshanna Kelly
Ward 6 Chair Fran Nutter-Upham
Ward 7 Chair Louis Juris
Ward 8 Chair John Lisle
Ward 9 Chair Marty Jack