Laura Damphousse Telerski is a two-term State Representative running for re-election. She serves as Deputy Ranking Member of the House Transportation Committee. During her first term she served as Clerk of House Transportation, and in 2020 was the Chair of the Nashua Legislative Delegation acting as the liaison between the city’s state representatives and the Mayor’s Office.

Laura grew up in Nashua’s Ward 8 neighborhood and is a product of Nashua public schools. After graduating from Nashua High School in 1989, Laura obtained a bachelor’s degree in History from Georgetown University and a master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago. Laura worked as an account executive for a number of years before she and her husband, Jason, made the decision to have a full-time parent at home.

In 2002, Laura and Jason returned to Nashua, settling in the Bicentennial neighborhood Laura called home. Over the years, Laura became engaged in the school community as a parent volunteer. Since 2006, Laura has served as the New Hampshire State Chair for the Georgetown University Alumni Admissions Program. In 2017, Laura became a Selectman for Ward 8. She was elected to the State House in November 2018 and re-elected for a second term in 2020, where she has continued to advocate for Ward 8 families.

Laura and Jason have three children, Noah, Ben, and Alanya, graduates of Nashua High School South. 

Legislative Achievements:

  • Prime sponsor of HB1085, signed into law, closing a loophole in the DUI statute.
  • Prime sponsor of 1214-FN, signed into law, eliminating fees for walking disability placards.
  • Co-sponsored SB 241, signed into law, to advance bringing rail to Nashua and the Southern Tier.