Catherine Sofikitis
NH House of Representatives – Ward 7
1st Term

Representative Sofikitis is running for her 2nd term in the Novermber 2018 election.    

The Nashua Telegraph ran the following posting for Catherine on Nov 2, 2016:

“A retired registered nurse, Sofikitis has lived in Nashua for 30 years. She is married and has one son and a rescued Newfoundland dog.

There are many reasons I decided to run for state representative from Ward 7.

We must do better. We must finally come up with a stable, equitable source for school funding. These children are our future and are deserving of our finest work across party lines to solve this issue. The opioid crisis in our state is one of our most important issues. We all have a stake in seeing its eradication. We must decrease our dependence on fossil fuels, ban fracking, increase the use of renewable resources such as solar, wind and hydro, but no pipelines.

We must expand passenger rail into New Hampshire. We must do everything in our power to protect our water. We need to find remediation for the contaminated wells in Merrimack and Amherst with PFOA.

We must get big money out of politics. We must protect and expand Social Security, understanding that it is not an entitlement, but an insurance plan funded by each employee throughout their working years.

We must believe that the people of New Hampshire come first and that partisan bickering has no place in politics. We must all do everything in our power to turn down the temperature of hate.