Representative King is running for his 2nd term in the November 2018 election.    

The Nashua Telegraph ran the following posting for Mark on October 31st, 2016:

The 54-year-old King is a library assistant at the Nashua Public Library and has lived in the city since 1999.

My political experience began during the protracted Right to Work for Less struggle of 2010 and 2012. I saw that out of state organizations pour money into our political process to meet their ends.

I witnessed the power of social justice groups, the faith community and organized labor pulling together for all Granite Staters. I have remained active in advocating for policy that helps us all.

My focus is on helping New Hampshire be a place our kids will want to stay. Our population is aging. Education is key – young people tend to stay out of state if they receive their secondary education out of state. I’d advocate for all-day kindergarten throughout the state. This will help young families and make our state more attractive to a younger workforce – and companies that want to take advantage of our great business environment and quality of life. As will paid family and medical leave.

Commuter rail will make our state more commercially viable while increasing employment both in the near and long term. The predictions for real estate-related jobs is huge, as are the 2 million square feet of retail space expected that will need workers.

I believe taxed, legalized cannabis can help our state fiscally while taking some of the tax burden off homeowners. Our state needs this new income stream.

In canvassing Ward 6 I have found that my neighbors share these views. I will listen to and advocate for my constituents. I will be their voice in Concord.”

An enthusiastic Mark King sent me the following just after the swearing in ceremony:

Being part of our New Hampshire democratic tradition, the importance of playing my small role in a rich and vibrant history really came home to me as I raised my hand to stand by the United States, the state of New Hampshire and its constitution- I’m so honored to have been elected, to be a citizen legislator in hall that has seen the peoples work done for nearly 200 years…

Brother, I am so proud. I have to admit the responsibility seems so huge; I’m very glad I have experienced Reps to learn from!

Mark and his partner Tanya Prather have lived in Nashua 17 years. They are joined in their home by Pi the Cat and Fleur, their Angora Rabbit.

Issues that I feel strongly about:  

  • Commuter rail
  • Education funding, both Higher and K-12
  • Campaign finance reform/ money out of politics
  • Family Medical Leave as a right
  • Collective  Bargaining Rights

Background:  Mark earned his MS in Organizational Development and Knowledge Management from George Mason University School of Policy, Government and International Affairs, attended Drexel University in Library and Information Science, and earned a BA in Labor Studies from National Labor College. He serves as a District Coordinator for the NH AFL-CIO, and just stepped down as President of the Nashua Public Library Employee Union AFT-FPE #4831 to concentrate on his run for office and serving his district.  An original member of Sanders NH Steering Committee,  Mark ran, and was elected, as a Sanders-pledged delegate to the most recent Democratic National Convention.

Career:  Mark is a library assistant for the Nashua Public Library.  He is especially proud of his Books-by-Mail program, which serves the needs of visually and physically-handicapped library patrons.