Representative Jack is running for his 4th term in the November 2018 election.

The Nashua Telegraph ran the following posting about Marty on November 4, 2016:

“A resident of Nashua for nearly two decades, the 67-year-old Jack is retired from the computer industry. He has previously served two terms in the New Hampshire House.

If elected, I would begin my third term in the House. I sit on the Public Works and Highways Committee, where we deal with state property, construction projects, bonding and transportation funding.

My priority is ensuring adequate funding to maintain safe roads and bridges, which are suffering increasing disrepair. I advocate for passenger rail and the significant economic growth that it would bring. Business leaders say rail is critical to attracting younger workers.

I seek to provide all residents with access to affordable health care, and to this end work to get as many people as possible onto health insurance. The reauthorization of Medicaid expansion has provided more than 50,000 residents with insurance.

Public education is critical to our employers, who struggle to find a qualified workforce. A vibrant job market keeps workers from leaving the state to find employment elsewhere.

On Public Works, I am able to directly advocate for funding that enables the community college system to start programs that benefit our employers.

I strive to approach every bill thoughtfully and vote on the basis of factual findings rather than ideological pledges.”