Patricia (Trish) Klee (and Bryndel)
NH House of Representatives – Ward 3
1st term

Representative Klee began her 1st term in the 2017 session.  

2017 Accomplishments:

Trish was a member of the State / Federal Relations and Veteran Affairs Committee.

Having been a Department of Veterans Affairs employee as well as being in a 31-year relationship with a drafted Vietnam-era veteran, I understand the care needs of veterans of all ages.  Although there were very few Veteran related issues brought to us I am working with a group to ensure that all NH veterans voices and concerns are brought to the attention of both the VA and Governor.

Starting this Fall, my committee will be working to create a State Veterans Affairs Department.  This will be an organized department that will oversee all veteran’s activities throughout the state.  It is my hope that this will be just the beginning of additional collected resources and benefits for our NH veterans.

During my first year as NH State Representative, I learned so much from my colleagues on both sides of the aisle.  We defeated the Bill that was created to eliminate unions’ ability to maintain a safe and fair workplace. 

History was made as it was the first time in over 50 years that the NH House did not pass a budget.  It was a bipartisan decision that the budget was not good for the citizens of NH.  Sadly, the budget went on to the Senate where they used the bones of the House Budget but made even more severe cuts.  There were some additions, but not enough, to support or fund Opioid, Mental Health, Disability Disorders, etc.  Just as important is the severe and continued cut of Revenue to the state by cutting the Business Tax.  Once again, these cuts with no balance of revenue, create a downshift of cost of more and more items to the cities and towns.  It is my hope that the next budget process we will have enough support to overturn the third cycle of Business taxes.  These cuts are often referred to as the BAE/Walmart tax breaks.  It primarily benefits those larger business and does not increase NH’s desirability with new and young families. 

Contact Information:

Phone Number:  966-0979
Postal Address:  9 Maywood Dr


My position on the issues:  My goal as a NH State Representative will be to listen to the people of our beautiful state.  I honestly believe that we are a state of incredibly caring and hard working people who want only the best for our citizens and the land that we live on.  I came from very simple means and as a result I have first-hand knowledge on the inequities of Education and Medical care.  From personal experiences within my life,  and from those that I have spoken to within our state, my priorities will be:

  • to provide even more affordable Healthcare, without sacrificing quality and Affordable Education for all residents
  • As with so many residents, I have first-hand knowledge of what addiction can do to individuals and families.  I will also focus on the Opioid addiction tragedy that is plaguing our state as well as work with my colleagues to make Nashua and all of NH a place that everyone wants to call home.
  • Women’s rights and Income Equality will always be in the forefront of my agenda.

Background:  I have proudly been a Nashua NH resident since 1987, which is over half of my life.  I moved into Ward 3 in 2003 and love the beauty of both my city and ward.  Richard and I can be seen walking our beautiful greyhound Bryndel throughout the beautiful neighborhoods of Nashua.  Bryndel is a rescue that we adopted from Georgia after he went through a prison rehabilitation program.  He will be 6 years old.  His racing career ended just after his 4th birthday, racing 152 times and winning 30+ of them.  He walked in support of Hillary with us in one of the Nashua parades.

Both of my parents were very hard working individuals who taught me to understand that there are multiple sides to every issue and never make quick judgments.  My father’s favorite expression was that you listen with your ears and not your mouth.  However, my mother always added “look at it with your eyes and your heart”.   This is something that I have always tried to live by.  I grew up in what would be considered a low income middle class household.  My parents struggled but we always had good food on the table and lots of love in our home.

Career: My very first job was working for H&R Block and I still help friends and family with their tax questions and issues to this day.  As taxes were a seasonal job, I pursued a career as a custom decorator as well as took the Civil Service Exam.  I received a perfect score on my Civil Service exam and was one of the top picks for one of the only two openings at Westover Air Force Base.

I worked for the Federal Government for approximately 28 years, starting with the Department of Defense at Westover Air Force Base and eventually ending my career with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Bedford, Mass.  I worked my way up through the ranks from a clerk to a Secretary to an Administrative Assistant to Computer Specialist/Programmer to a Statistical Analyst.

Education:  I attended Holyoke Community College in Holyoke Mass.  In addition while working full time at the VA in Bedford, Mass, I attended Franklin Pierce College, Nashua Campus.  I studied both Computer Sciences as well as Accounting at both locations.