State Representative Candidate – Nashua Ward 1 / District 28

First time candidate
Ward 1 Moderator
Nashua City Academy 2017

Democratic Party Campaign Volunteer 2016

Contact Information:

Phone:  603-557-8740


  • Resident of Ward 1 for 36 Years.
  • Married for 49 years
  • Two children educated by Nashua Public Schools
    • One is a graduate of University of New Hampshire.
  • Three grandchildren


  • Director of Product Development, Ohio Scientific, Inc., computer manufacturer, 1977-1983
  • President of Bordy, Inc., computer hardware, software and systems design firm. 1983 – 2015
  • Retired since 2015

Why I’m running:

I became active in politics in August of 2016 because I felt our democracy was in danger. I still do. As an army veteran and retiree, I could once again serve my country. I actively campaigned for the Democratic Party in 2016 and continue to support their values. In support of those values, I am running for state representative.

I believe in government by the people and fairness. The decisions I make as state representative will be based on these core beliefs.

By people, I mean people, not wealthy corporations and not special interests. The decisions I make will be based on my constituents values and needs.

By fairness I mean:

  • Affordable healthcare for all
  • Affordable higher education
  • A living wage for all
  • That all people have an equal opportunity