Next NDCC General Meeting – Jan 2020

The NDCC meeting Dec 9th – the Nashua Library auditorium – 7-830PM – will be an Executive Board meeting only.  All are welcome but only the Executive Board can vote.  

Next Election – Presidential Primary – Feb 11, 2020

Minutes for Oct 28 (last general meeting of 2019) are posted below.

Drop us a line via our new mailing address:

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Byrich green Dec 8, 2019

Joe Biden Town Hall – Dec 8

My wife and I had a second opportunity to attend a Presidential Town Hall on Sunday Dec 8. This one was for Joe Biden, with an introduction fro

Byrich green Dec 7, 2019

Tom Steyer Town Hall – Oct 27

I'll start off this brief post by stating that NDCC does not endorse any particular Presidential candidate. This town hall was held on Sunday

Byrich green Dec 7, 2019

SB3’s back for the Primary!

After roughly two years in the courts, one aspect of SB3 appears as though it will be implemented through "arbitrary enforcement" in the Presiden

Byrich green Dec 7, 2019

Who do you like for 2020?

There will be 33 Democratic candidates on the NH Primary ballot! Check for local candidate visits in the calendar! Cory Booker was the 1st c

Byrich green Dec 6, 2019

Next Presidential Debate – December 19

Next round – Dec 19 from Los Angeles hosted by PBS Qualified for the December debate. * = has a local campaign office. * Former Vice P

Byrich green Dec 1, 2019

Webmaster’s summary – NH Democratic Convention – SNHU Arena – Sept 7

This was the 2nd straight convention that my wife and I attended - and we're glad we did. Both times, in my opinion, the biggest excitement was